A revolutionary new product; a hybrid video and lighting fixture

Harnessing our proprietary LVVP (Light Valve Video Projector) Technology the fixture brings together two disciplines of entertainment technology; the power of a soft edged washlight and a crisp, clean, high definition screen, all driven via dmx and / or video input.

As there is no other product like it on the market, we have created a new product category, that we like to call the beam screen.

At Wembley Stadium, Designer Mark Cuniffe utilised 26 DB1s to help welcome Indian Prime Minister, Modi.


The DB1 is a Light-Value-Video-Projector (LVVP). 
Its surface is 900mm x 510mm and is powered by 15 x 80 watt white LEDs producing an impressive 1,250 watts of LED power.
Colour temperature availability is your choice of 3,000 or 4,000 Kelvin .

Light Value Video Projector

LCD devices are in essence light valves. The DB1 light valve projects a beam of light forward from the screen in a controlled, soft-edged beam. It is not a wide-angled beam, or a video projector; the beam of light is akin to a traditional washlight.

Colour and beam control are refreshed at 60Hz, enabling fast and dynamic beam patterns, without the inertia inherent in moving lights. The DB1’s beam is projected at a right angle to the surface. By tessellating the DB1 array, beams become even more pronounced and clearly defined as the system is scaled.

Transformative properties

The DB1 is a truly innovative device. When appropriate video content is delivered into the unit the transformative qualities become evident as a mesmerising display is brought to life

Even the simplest, plainest or monochrome graphics are impressive to see.

Market feedback from non-skilled, typical audience members has shown that they are drawn to the familiar shape of the screens surface and at the same time transfixed by the beam projecting forward, describing feelings of feeling somehow involved in the content.

It is a truly immersive experience, full of creative potential. So if you are bored of the same old ideas being recycled, then the DB1 is for you!

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